Roads to Music Sociology (Ed. Alfred Smudits)

Music sociology occupies a special position in the social and cultural sciences. The terminology alone – in German it is ‘Musiksoziologie’ and not ‘Soziologie der Musik’ – indicates many possible approaches: Is ‘music sociology’ a subdiscipline within sociology or musicology? Or is it a discipline on its own, espousing significant differences from sociology and musicology alike? On the occasion of its 50th anniversary, the Department of Music Sociology at the mdw – University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna – probably the only one in the world to bear the name as a separate department – decided to clarify the state of music sociology. Some of the world’s most prominent representatives of the discipline were invited to participate in this project and present their own viewpoints on the various approaches to music sociology. Their contributions address the particular research objects of music sociology (institutions of musical life; production, distribution and consumption of music; music-making; ‘works’, genres and repertoires; etc.) as well as the different methods of research (stock-taking, surveys, interviews, music analysis, biographical research, etc.).

Table of contents (9 chapters)

Smudits, Alfred
Pages 1-6

Music Sociology After Mass Modernity
Smudits, Alfred
Pages 7-21

Musicology, Sociology and Digitisation
Martin, Peter J.
Pages 23-39

Objects, Belief, and the Sociologist: The Sociology of Art as a Work-To-Be-Done
Hennion, Antoine
Pages 41-60

Exploring Gender in Music … to Better Grasp Musical Work
Buscatto, Marie
Pages 61-77

Musical Cosmopolitanism, Bodies and Aesthetic Cultures
Regev, Motti
Pages 79-94

Musical Language
Becker, Howard S.
Pages 95-109

The Unsung Work of Music Sociology?
DeNora, Tia
Pages 111-137

Music Sociology in the GDR: Under Conditions of Political Dictatorship, Despite of Political Dictatorship
Kaden, Christian
Pages 139-158


ref: Smudits, A. (ed.), 2019, Roads to Music Sociology. Springer VS. Wiesbaden.


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