Vivre de la musique? (Marc Perrenoud & Pierre Bataille)

Published in November 2019 by Editions Antipodes

With the rise of streaming platforms, the downfall in record sales, the development of digital formats that facilitate exchanges of music files, the issue of metamorphoses of music business has been regularly highlighted in the media and in academic works since the early 2000s. These major changes have been accompanied by an increased interest in the most visible actors in the music sector (major companies, global stars…). But, as it is often the case, the living and working conditions of musicians located far – or even very far – from the spotlights of (inter)national recognition remain unknown.

Vivre de la musique? is the result of four years of research in the heart of the Swiss French-speaking music scene. Its paints an exciting portrait of contemporary independent Swiss musicians. Based on ethnographical and statistical materials, the book offers an in-depth analysis of the general characteristics of the Swiss French-speaking musician population: employment status, working time, inequalities, income, pluriactivity… Many dimensions are mobilized to show “who” are the musicians in French-speaking Switzerland. The book also details the different types of musical careers, through the analyze of life stories of musicians. During their career, this musicians can be more or less « artists », « artisans », or « teachers », and experience very different ways of living with music, pointing out the ambivalence position of music in current industrialized societies.

“Vivre de la musique?” front cover

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