Third WIM Conference COVID19 update

A sad message from our co-chair

Dear Colleagues

The University of Turku has just updated its policy with regard to the Coronavirus.

This policy can be found here:

As you will see the policy says that:

“The University of Turku does not receive guests from abroad and instructs to either reschedule the visit or to use remote access for meetings”.

It continues that: “public events for over 50 people organised at the University will be postponed, cancelled, or organised by remote access”

And that:

“Event organisers must note that the University is not receiving guests from abroad.”

The restrictions currently apply until 31 May .

I have just received these instructions and am now acting on them.

Thus, with an extremely heavy heart, I regretfully have to inform you that it will not be possible for the University of Turku to host the WiM conference between 15 and 17 April.

Unfortunately, it is also not logistically possible to allow virtual presentations.

At present I am unable to say whether this will mean the delay of the conference or its total cancellation.

I am also unable to answer questions about the implications of all this until I have discussed the matter further with colleagues.

So I need to ask for your patience and understanding.

Of course, I will update you as soon as I have further news.

Meanwhile please only reply to this email in cases of emergency.

My thanks for your support of WiM.



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