Schooling of art, artistization of the school – special issue CRES n°7 (Eds. Stéphane Bonnéry and Rémi Deslyper)

This dossier aims to provide an initial overview of French research on the transmission of cultural and artistic practices, and the space for the arts in the school system. This research has developed in recent years, exploring the public policies and programs that are being implemented (such as the EAC) with government support, which sometimes facilitate access to funding for research. However, research in this area was rare until quite recently. That is why, rather than simply presenting the articles assembled in this issue, it seemed important that this introduction contextualise the development of this research field, as well as its primary objects and orientations.

There are several approaches within the teaching of the arts, situated within the different disciplines contributing to education sciences. One major body of work stems from a didactic or anthropo-didactic approach focused on the student’s learning, understood in generic terms. Sociologists, on the other hand, tend to study the social issues and inequalities associated with this learning, but do not always engage with the knowledge that is to be appropriated. A second major approach has come out of the ECP research laboratory in Lyon and looks more at aesthetic philosophy, advocating education by art, questioning the “educational values” of art, or the effect of “encountering works of art”. This second approach focuses on the educational issues associated with arts, unlike sociological studies that are more suspicious and emphasize the social issues of the injunction to develop the teaching of the arts at school. Other research combines the two to show how teachers are torn, in trying to bring together artistic and academic concerns, whilst also emphasizing personal development.

The articles brought together in this issue take a sociological approach within a field of research that has been emerging over the last twenty years, in a context in which certain practices are unreflexively promoted from above. These studies emphasize the importance of taking a cautious approach and questioning the social stakes of these injunctions and evolutions, looking, for example, at the ways in which artistic and cultural practices are appropriated by students, which are never as straightforward and mechanical as their proponents would like them to be.


Stéphane Bonnéry et Rémi Deslyper

The arts at school, schooling in the arts: an overview of current research in France [Texte intégral]

Philippe Coulangeon et Héloïse Fradkine

Mesurer l’impact scolaire des dispositifs d’enseignement artistique et culturel dans les établissements d’éducation prioritaire. Le cas du dispositif DMEO [Texte intégral] Assessing the educational impact of arts and cultural education in deprived school environments. The case of the National Opera of Paris educational program

Marie-Sylvie Claude et Patrick Rayou

Aider à la réussite scolaire : des détours sans retours ? Peinture et littérature en classe de Français [Texte intégral] Helping students succeed at school: detours with no returns? Painting and literature in French class

Rémi Deslyper et Florence Eloy

Redresser les dispositions des enfants de milieux populaires et de leurs familles par l’éducation artistique et culturelle : les ambitions normalisatrices de deux dispositifs d’orchestres d’enfants à dimension sociale [Texte intégral] Redress the dispositions of children from working class and their families through artistic and cultural education: the normalizing ambitions of two education programs for learning music through orchestral practice

Ghislain Leroy

Grandeur et décadence de l’appréhension psycho-artistique du dessin à l’école maternelle (1945-2013) [Texte intégral] Rise and fall of the psycho-artistic apprehension of drawing in French preschool

Samuel Coavoux et Frédérique Giraud

La forme scolaire déniée des médiations muséales. Enquête sur l’accompagnement des publics [Texte intégral] Negotiating the border between museum education and school

Nicolas Divert

Former des « personnalités », valoriser la créativité. La permanence de la forme scolaire dans l’enseignement supérieur de design de mode [Texte intégral] Training ‘personalities’, enhancing creativity. The continuity of academic pattern in Higher Education of Fashion Design

Cédric Barbier, Tomas Legon, Lisa Marx et Anna Mesclon

Les logiques du marché à l’œuvre dans les dispositifs scolaires d’éducation au cinéma [Texte intégral] Market principles in French cinema education programs

Samuel Pinto

À la croisée de l’école, de l’art et de l’industrie du livre : concevoir et choisir un manuel de lecture à partir de la littérature de jeunesse en C.P. [Texte intégral] At the Crossroads of School, Art and the Book Industry: work on and choose a reading manual base on Children’s Literature in C.P. (Primary School)

Reguina Hatzipetrou-Andronikou

L’ouverture d’un apprentissage musical global dans l’institution scolaire. Les Écoles secondaires de musique en Grèce [Texte intégral] Introducing global music education in the school. Secondary music schools in Greece

Joris Cintero

De l’art de se situer. Entre héritage et prescription, éléments pour une analyse pragmatique des identités professionnelles des enseignants spécialisés de la musique [Texte intégral] Between legacy and instructions, elements for a pragmatic analysis of French music teacher’s professional identities

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