Musicking in Twentieth-Century Europe. A Handbook (Klaus Nathaus and Martin Rempe dir.)

Music has gained the increasing attention of historians. Research has branched out to explore music-related topics, including creative labor, economic histories of music production, the social and political uses of music, and musical globalization. This handbook both covers the history of music in Europe and probes its role for the making of Europe during a “long” twentieth century. It offers concise guidance to key historical trends as well as the most important research on central topics within the field.

1 Introduction: Musicking in Twentieth-Century Europe – Martin Rempe and Klaus Nathaus

Part I: Originating Music

2 Diversifying Composition: Practices of Inventing Music – Frank Hentschel

3 Performing for Pay: The Making and Undoing of the Music Profession – Marc Perrenoud

4 Driven by Enthusiasm, Harnessed by Politics: Amateuring in Music – Klaus Nathaus

Part II: Managing Music

5 Prestige, Profit, and the Right to Culture: Funding Music Through the State – Celia Applegate

6 Cultures of Donating: Musical Patronage – Myriam Chimènes

7 Commodifying Music: Tickets, Copies, and Licenses – Simon Frith

Part III: Mediating Music

8 Creating Maps, Generating Meanings: Music Criticism – Hans Weisethaunet

9 Sounds, Tracks, and Signals: Recording Music – Michel Abesser

10 Sounds on Air: Musicalizing Radio—Radiofying Music – Morten Michelsen

Part IV: Socializing in Music

11 Socially Engaging with Music: Pleasure, Distinction, and Identity – Julia Sneeringer

12 Getting Together to “Get Down”: Social Dancing from Dance Hall to Rave – James Nott

13 Extending the Sonic Bubble: Solitary Listening as a Technology of the Self – Ulrik Volgsten

Part V: Politicizing Music

14 Conducting the Masses: State Propaganda and Censorship – Friedrich Geiger

15 Performing for the Nation: Perspectives on Musical Diplomacy – Friedemann Pestel

16 Shouting Back: Popular Music and Protest – Jeff Hayton

Part VI: Globalizing Music

17 Glocal Invasions: Appropriating Music from Abroad – Rachel Anne Gillett

18 Global Connections: Attuning to European Music Abroad – Bob van der Linden

19 Backstage Integration: Europeanizing Musical Life Through International Organizations – Martin Rempe

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