Minorities Working in Music: Call for Blog Posts

Minorities* often occupy precarious positions. Such a situation raises many challenges in daily life, including the kind of work that is available to minorities and how they relate to that work. With so many minority populations facing discrimination and disenfranchisement, minority voices often go unheard. The Working in Music research network is happy to issue a call for blog posts on the topic of Minorities Working in Music to bring these voices to the forefront and to amplify the issues at hand for minority populations who are working in music.

We invite proposals that address any issue on the topic of minorities working in music, including the following questions:

1) What barriers do minorities face while working in music?

2) How does being a minority affect the experience of working in music?

3) How does working in music affect the situation of minorities?

*We define “minorities” as any person who is a part of a minority group within their cultural and social context. Minority refers to one’s situation; being a minority is a matter of one’s position within their lived contexts and can be a person of any identity. As such, minority is a relative term that can encompass a diverse collection of people from widely varying circumstances. Many factors can situate one as a minority and we welcome discussion from and about both visible and non-visible minorities working in music.

We welcome pieces on this topic including think pieces and interviews. We especially encourage interviews with women working in music, to continue our Women in Music series. The entries may be up to 1000 words, but longer texts can also be considered. The entries must be either in English, French or Spanish. Please include a brief bio or institutional description. Feel free to send a picture or video to include in your post, but be sure you are authorized to use it (all photos must be credited). You can refer to this guideline.

You can send your piece (in Word format) to Mark McCorkle (mmccorkl[at]uwo.ca).

We will collect and review the entries, communicate with authors about edits when necessary, and publish them on our website. We will accept submissions until June 1st, 2022.

We publicize all published posts on our Twitter account (@working_music) and our mailing list (subscribe here).

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