Gender Inequality in Metal Music Production (Pauwke Berkers & Julian Schaap)

For over four decades, scholars have been investigating male dominance – both symbolically and numerically -within popular music. The heavier genres of popular music, metal music in particular, have been male dominated spaces, which are difficult to navigate for women participating as fans, musicians, or both. Studies on gender inequality in metal music have convincingly demonstrated how gender dynamics shape the reception of metal music and metal scenes all over the globe. Yet, they shed relatively little light on the extent of and reasons for metal music’s male domination from a production perspective. This book fills this gap, offering is a systematic and large-scale overview of gender inequality in metal music production. In other words: how many women – compared to men – are participating in metal bands and what are the causes for the differences in participation?


Introduction: Gender Inequality in Metal Music Production 

1. Winds of Change? Longitudinal trends and cross-national differences; (co-authored with Frank Weij) 

2. ‘Female-Fronted Metal’: Gender Differences and (Sub)Genres 

3. All Vocals, Few Chords: Gender Differences in Instrumentation 

4. Wielding the Double-Edged Sword: Gender Differences in Artistic Careers Conclusion 

Appendix 1: Quantitative Data – The Metal Archives

Appendix 2: Qualitative Data – Interviews with Metal Musicians

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