Working in Music
International Research Network

Statement of Purpose

Working in Music is an international research network. Our purpose is to conduct and disseminate innovative research about all aspects of what it means to work in music. We aim to understand music as work through economic, sociocultural, political, legal and historical lenses, and to explore working conditions and experiences across genres and divisions of labour. Our approach is multidisciplinary and endeavours to forge connections between academic disciplines through shared interests in music and work. Our network developed from and is centred on a biennial conference in which scholars meet to exchange and debate issues and ideas. We are also committed to working with musicians, practitioners and music industries personnel.


Our network has its roots in the joint efforts of researchers in Scotland and Switzerland, with a first conference held in Glasgow in 2016, followed by a second one in Lausanne in 2018. The next conference will be held in Turku in 2020.


The purpose of this blog is twofold: to provide information about the network and to bring updates from its members and beyond that revolve around the targeted research axes.

Follow the WIM official Twitter account, become a member by subscribing to oumailing listor contact us if you would like to contribute to our blog (see guidelines here)

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